How do we ‘look after’ our brains?

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Circassian walnut isolated on white background
Circassian walnut isolated on white background
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How do we ‘look after’ our brains?
It isn’t much use making sure that we have the healthiest body, if we haven’t also looked after our brains so we can go places and do things with our healthy bodies!

It is so sad when someone we know and love, changes before our eyes, and can no longer make simple decisions and be independent. It is as if they have died but their body is there looking the same – but the ability to communicate both ways has gone.

There is no point in worrying about “Will I get Alzheimer’s?”.
However, there is a great deal of point in doing as much as we can to stay ‘on the ball’.

Suggestions include
• Simple arithmetic puzzles
• Crossword puzzles
• Pub Quiz nights
• Sudoko puzzles
• Healthy low-fat diet with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit
• Quality supplements
• Learn new skills
• Check to see if our body is suffering from mercury poisoning and if so get amalgam fillings removed

A few years ago I attended a course entitled Making a Good Brain Great! There have been many advances in recent years in understanding how brains work. One of the scary set of pictures was showing the effect on the brain of eating a fatty meal. It literally meant that parts of the brain weren’t able to function immediately following the meal! Imagine the effect long term poor eating is having on one of our most precious assets!




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