Put Your Goals on the Fridge

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Put Your Goals on the Fridge – Time Management 2 of 5 – Good Health in a Nutshell

Put your goals on the fridge. I’m staying at a friend’s place and their fridge is hidden in a cupboard so I can’t use all my magnets on the fridge. I say on the fridge, but other places will do as well.

Some of us are naturally goal oriented and some of us aren’t. What I am recommending here is as a health tip. It’s really helpful to have something that you’re aiming at. It can be very easy to just drift through and have a mental list, but if you’ve got a physical reminder of something that you want to get done it gives your brain that stimulation to get on with it and it’s a protection, if you like, against depression and feeling unworthy, unloved because you reward yourself with what you do. This particularly applies to people who live on their own.

I think often people who are in a community have more stimulation, but I think particularly if you live on your own that you actually have goals that you set for yourself and achieve is a really good way of keeping yourself healthy mentally.

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