The world of Laughter Yoga – Raise your spirits – Make new friends

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ūüėÄ What can Laughter Yoga do for you? ¬†It can raise your spirits, improve your health, help you make new friends, improve your lung capacity – and it’s FUN. ¬†Google “Laughter Yoga” + “your town” and see if there is a Laughter Club near you!


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I first attended a laughter yoga session in May at Browns Bay in Auckland – and I was hooked! Imagine a roomful of happy people, following a leader and doing very simple actions to generate laughter or even simulate laughter. Our subconscious doesn’t know the difference, so if it thinks you are laughing, all sorts of good things happen within your body – more blood circulating, break the stress cycle. In addition, it is fun.

So, give it a go in your local area.
Google Laughter Yoga + San Diego or Laughter Yoga and Timbuktu

For instance, today we were doing our version of the Olympics. We were simulating unsynchronised swimming, we did a relay ‘race’ and we awarded each other massive gold medals!


If you are in Auckland, come and join the Browns Bay Laughter Club – lots of fun

Fun at Laughter Yoga
Fun at Laughter Yoga


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