Introduction to Jin Shin Jyutsu Therapy

Jin Shin Jyutsu. This is a health therapy which is to do with our body energies. I’ve only come across it once, although it is on the internet so do check it out.

The little exercise that I learned from them—and it’s only a small part of what they do, so do check it out—is to in turn hold one of your thumbs and each of your fingers. So with your other hand, hold your thumb and you could do a count to 20 or something like that but as you get into the habit of doing it, what you do feel—you don’t need to grasp it too tightly—is you actually feel a pulse and what this does is it connects those energy flows so it helps your cells stay healthy and it helps your body stay healthy because the energy can flow and it helps clear blockages.

If I’m out for a walk, I find that it is an easy way to do jin shin jyutsu therapy. I walk along holding my hands behind my back, and who cares what anyone sees or thinks!

NOTE: The information presented herein is not intended to treat, remedy or diagnose any medical condition or illness; nor is it intended to replace the care of a qualified health professional.




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