Here’s a place to go when you need a Joke!

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You see – I’m not the only one who thinks that laughter can heal!

Visit for a selection of jokes you can tell your grandmother!

When you need a joke for a wedding or a funeral, there’s a great selection.

One of the best ways to get better quickly is to watch funny videos.  I like English humour, so something like “The Two Ronnies” or old reruns of “The Good Life” appeal to me.

I started to describe it, and I’ll leave that part in – but I’ve managed to find the youtube clip of it, and that’s much better!  Enjoy!   Please share it with your friends by using the Facebook etc signs on the left hand side of this page!





I watched one the other night, and Margot – all dressed up in yellow sou-wester, leggings and a hat is helping bring the harvest in – one bean at a time.  Tom passes a remark about how helpful she is.   She then says I’ll show you I can do the big stuff too, so she swings a big sack of potatoes onto her back, in so doing, knocking over Barbara, who then knocks over Jerry who then knocks over Tom, and they all land up in the mud.   Maybe it is slapstick, but I roared with laughter!


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