Handle your negative triggers

Handle your negative triggers – Time Management 5 of 5 – Good Health in a Nutshell

Spotting your triggers. Again this is very personal. There are times when I sense that I’m not my usual self and that’s not serious it’s just part of living. But sometimes something happens that makes me aware that I need to do something about this so it relates really to when you feel blah that it’s a case of understanding your own ways of being.

I’m generally a really, really positive person as you gather and if I’m not feeling positive then I hide away and I don’t tell anybody I’m not feeling positive. Where some people go around saying “ohhh I’m having a horrible day. I’m depressed…” We all have different ways of behaving so when you’re feeling good just take some time out to analyze how you react to certain circumstances and if you react in a way that you’re not happy about that you workout alternative ways of behaving when that circumstance happens.

Perhaps I better give an example… My husband died several years ago and in general I’m coping. I’m managing really, really well and I’m sure he’s proud of me but every so often something will happen out of the blue. I’m not expecting it and suddenly I get this wham-o of really deep grief. It can be a trigger like I went to the winter gardens in Auckland and they’ve got the wonderful display of delphinium and it’s absolutely beautiful and as this example is because it brought back a very happy memory of us going to the Chelsea flower show in 1999 in England.

I need a way to handle that positively, so first of all I acknowledge and recognize the feeling and say “wow-eee I’m really missing you Robert I would love for you to see these lovely flowers as well and then I…it’s one my other health tips is to do with emotional freedom techniques so I tap the feelings away, and I’ll come on to that another day, but I acknowledge the feeling, experience it because that’s really important. It’s no use swallowing down and keeping a stiff upper British lip and saying “Nope. I’m not going to get sad.” Because you can’t spend 40 years of your life with somebody who’s very special and not feel sad that they’ve died; but it doesn’t have to stop you enjoying life today.




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