Deciding Between Important and Urgent

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Deciding Between Important and Urgent – Time Management 4 of 5 – Good Health in a Nutshell

Urgency vs. Important.

This follows from big rocks and the talk on putting your goals on the fridge. In our lives we always have heaps to do I don’t know there may be some people who haven’t got heaps to do and I hope you’re happy. I always seem to have a big list of things that I want to do, ought to do, have to do, should do, and “urgency and important” is the topic of today.

There are some things that we ought to do which are important but they’re not necessarily urgent. You know you might have…I’m trying to think of an example…you might not have written your will and you think “Ohhh I must get that done sometime” but it doesn’t have a deadline on it so it’s really, really important but it’s not urgent.

So this is where time management and scheduling and it’s all related to health because if you’ve got the nigel at the back of your brain “Oh dear I do need to write my will sometime… Ohhh I might get knocked over by a bus…” I believe it’s important to have goals and long-term goals and important goals and plan out what you’re going to achieve. The pilot doesn’t jump into the airplane seat and start flying and then decide “Oh, where should we go today? Yes, let’s go to Sydney. Oh, we’re going the wrong direction. Oh, let’s turn around and go to Sydney.”

Even if you’re not in the habit of creating a goals list, a lovely website for that is–I’ll put a Britain one list on there–Raymond has this fantastic method of goal setting which helps you achieve the goals by imagining you’ve already done them. I found that really, really helpful in my trying to achieve the important as well as the urgent. I’m pretty good at scrambling around at the last minute because “Oh dear there’s a deadline. This has to be submitted by the 7th of November” I’m not quite as good at getting things done that are important but I’m getting better.



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