Eyesight is Precious

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Eyesight is Precious Audio version right here 6. Eyesight Eyesight What a special gift is the gift of sight.  Of all our senses, it is the one I treasure most. What are the ways we can best look after our … Continued

Dry Skin brushing benefits – e.g. remove toxins

Skin brushing to remove toxins 2. Skin brushing, hot bath, epsom salts This is a technique we learned at Sanoviv. (http://www.sanoviv.com – a holistic wonderful Health Centre) We were given a long-handled skin-brushing brush. It has soft bristles. If you … Continued

Improve your health for free

Improve your health for free. Check out these free health tips now! This is a ten minute video giving hints on Ten Free Ways to improve our Health. Feel free to share. Cheers Janice   By Janice M Baird