Big Rocks First

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Big rocks first. This you might say is not really a health tip but it is in a way. Anything that helps us be more efficient in what we do helps keep our mental health happy.

It helps us feel satisfied.

So, the title is “Big Rocks First”, what on earth are you talking about Janice?

Well let’s say that you’ve got a whole list of to-do’s today. You’ve got this… you want to find your papers… you’ve got to remember to ring Auntie Jane… you’ve got to buy some apple cider… vinegar… and you’ve run out of cereal… and sometimes it can be quite overwhelmed with a number of things that have to be done.

Now, what I want you to picture is a glass jar and you’ve got to put 3 lots of things into this glass jar. You’ve got some sand, you’ve got small stones, and you’ve got some big stones but we’ll call them big rocks. Now, you could start off with the sand and do all the little itsy-bitsy jobs and then you put some of the small rocks in and do some middling jobs and then you put a big rock and then you put some more sand and then some more middle size rocks and you get to the top of the jar “[gasps] Dear, and I’ve got four big rocks that I didn’t fit in!”

So the moral of the story is workout what your big rocks for the day are. What are the four things or three things that will really move your business forward will really make a difference in your life or maybe feel better.

Look, it might be vacuuming the floors. If that’s something that’s a challenge to you, if you’re always doing everything else first and the vacuuming gets left ‘til the end then maybe that’s a big rock for you because you will feel better and feel more inclined to do other things if your floor’s clean.

Big rocks might be doing the filing. It might be doing the accounts. It might be setting up a webpage. It might be doing some baking so that you can take it to the family. If you do the big jobs first, it’s a bit like putting it into the jar you put your big rocks into the jar first then your smaller rocks can fit into the spaces and then your sand you can pour on the top because it will smiggle down to the bottom and you can get everything into the jar alright.

So when you’re deciding what you need to do; how important it is to you think of the three most important things that are on your schedule today. Write them on the fridge and start with them alright so that you get them out of the way. That gives you feeling of accomplishment which gives you energy to then do some of the other things.



Big Rocks First
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