Avoid toxins – Critical or Negative People

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Avoiding toxins – when it is people

This one may be sensitive. There may be some people in your close family circle, how can I put this, who aren’t as uplifting and cheery as you’d like them to be. With some people your energy is increased – with some with some it is drained.
In some cases there are people that you love and care about, but they drain you. It is important to recognize this and prepare accordingly.
Time your visits for your high-energy periods. Are you an owl or a lark? Visit in the evening or morning as appropriate!
Have a plan to replenish your energy supplies when you leave them.
Perhaps by going to the gym or walking by the river.

It’s important to look after people, but be aware that your inner self is vulnerable to people’s negative energy.
If someone you come into contact with is easily angered and always complaining, decide whether this is a relationship that is ‘worth’ persuing.
Make the choice – spend time with people who are encouraging and positive – that way you can stay strong.

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By Janice Baird

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